Richard Swedberg gjesteforelesning

Richard Swedberg is professor of Sociology at Department of Sociology, Cornell University, and will hold an open lecture titled «Theorizing in Sociological Research: A New Perspective, A New Departure?».

Når: 20. september 14.15
Hvor: UiO, Helga Engs hus, auditorium U35
Arrangør: AKS-seminaret

During the last few years a number of articles and books have appeared that signal the emergence of a novel approach to the role of theory in sociology. Instead of equating theory with important studies, its main focus is on how to use theory in ongoing empirical research and especially what happens before the presentation of the results. The key task is to empower the individual researcher to do better research. A word that keeps recurring and can also be said to summarize this approach, is “theorizing”. Three of core ideas of this approach are discussed: theorizing is of a practical nature; it draws on a number of basic theorizing tools (such as abduction, abstraction and analogy); and the area covered by theorizing is considerably larger than that of conventional theory. If successful, the approach of theorizing will demand a more active and central role for the theoretician in sociology.

 Richard Swedberg is professor of Sociology at Department of Sociology, Cornell University. Before Cornell, he worked at the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University. Swedberg’s main areas of interest are economic sociology, theorizing in social science, and classical sociological theories. He recently published The Art of Social Theory (2014). He co-edited (together with Peter Hedström) the anthology Social Mechanisms (1987), and he has written on many of the classics, including Weber, Simmel and Tocqueville.  Besides social theory and economic sociology, he also mention on his web page that he has written on some other topics — such as the role of civic courage; George Simmel’s metaphors; Rodin’s statue The Burghers of Calais; and Wittgenstein’s visit to Ithaca in 1949.

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