ProtestPub@Habitat: Hvordan tenke kritisk rundt bærekraft

Hva kan akademikere gjøre for et mer bærekraftig samfunn?

TID: 31.10 fra 20.23.00

STED: Habitat, Olav Tryggvason gate 30, Trondheim


ProtestPub and the Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability discuss: What does it take to work for sustainability in a transformative way?

What are universities doing that is actually working for better and more sustainable societies? What could universities be doing that they aren’t? Are universities developing critical research and teaching that extend beyond commercial and political short-term interests? What does that look like? Is it possible to do work for, with, and possibly against commercial and political interests at the same time?

We have invited Karen O’Brien from Oslo University to hold an introduction. With 25 years of experience in climate change research, O’Brien’s work focuses on human responses to environmental change, with an emphasis on the relationships between personal, cultural, and systems transformations.

In the discussion panel we have:

Hugo Martinez: Student Urban Ecological Planning
Chin-Yu Lee: Trondheim Kommune
Paritosh Deshpande: Young Scholars in Sustainability
Helge Brattebø: Director NTNU Sustainability

The discussion will be moderated by Elizabeth Barron, NTNU.

Come, discuss, engage!