ProtestPub: Homeless Academics?

Ny ProtestPub arrangeres for å drøfte akademisk mobilitet og kunnskapsproduksjon  på tvers av grenser.

Når: 9. november kl. 19:30
Hvor: DIGGS, Trondheim

Arrangørens tekst: «Homeless Academics?»
A debate about academic mobility and knowledge production across borders.

The panel will discuss individual experiences of international academic careers. What are the implications of the way we organize knowledge production in the western world? How is this related to the way we measure knowledge? Where is home for mobile academics, and what do they think about NTNU’s slogan: “Knowledge for a better world”?

Our main goal is to engage everybody interested in, or involved in the production of knowledge, and this time especially Ph.D. candidates and Post Docs.

The panel:
Enrico Riccardi, Post doc at The Department of Chemistry, NTNU and board member of DION and SiN
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, postdoc at Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
Carmel Lindkvist, postdoc at Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology
Torberg Falch, professor at the Department of Economics and vice dean for research at Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management

Organizers: ProtestPub in collaboration with DION.

ProtestPub is started as a series of public meetings where the big questions about the future of the university can be discussed.
DION is the PhD & Post-Doc Interest Organization at NTNU