Pandemic Societies: a comparative perspective

Dansk Sociologiforening inviterer til den digitale konferansen «Pandemic Societies: a comparative perspective» hvor målet er å tiltrettelegge for en diskusjon rundt (foreløpige) resultater fra nyere komparativ, sosiologisk forskning om hvordan COVID-19 pandemien har påvirket samfunnet rundt oss.

Når: Torsdag 27.05, kl. 09.00-13.00
Hvor: Zoom (meld deg på ved å sende en mail til

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented societal and economic changes, unsettling societies all over the world. Now, more than a year after COVID-19 spread rapidly across the globe, it has become increasingly clear that different communities, groups, regions, and countries experienced the pandemic and its repercussions drastically different. From divergencies in the adaptation of COVID-19 policies, to rising health inequalities and new technologies of surveillance, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed established patterns of social differentiation and vulnerability. The social sciences and sociology have played an active role in enriching our understanding of how different individuals, organizations, and cultures are impacted differently by the same biological threat.


In Denmark, emergency fundings had been granted to numerous projects studying a wide range of issues of the pandemic crisis as it unfolded, providing an unique insight into its social dynamics. The virtual conference “Pandemic Societies: a comparative perspective” aims to facilitate dialogue and discussion about this rich body of research and its (preliminary) results. The focus will be on comparative aspects, between cases, groups or in an international context.


Arrangement i regi av Dansk Sociologiforening. For mer informasjon om program, se foreningens hjemmeside.


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