NYRIS 2022 – The past, the present and future of Nordic Youth Research

For 15. gang arrangeres forskningskonferansen Nordic Youth Research Symposiums (NYRIS). Temaet for årets konferanse er  fortidens, nåtidens og fremtidens nordiske ungdomsforskning.

Når: 13.-15 juni 2022
Hvor: OsloMet – Storbyuniversitetet // strømmes også digitalt

The NYRIS conference welcomes youth researchers to a dialogue about young people’s lives today and the past, present, and future of Nordic youth research.



Young people live in a world of rapid change, due to global events and phenomena such as digitalisation, climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic. It has never been more important to understand young lives. What shapes their lives and their futures today? What is at stake for young people? Youth research holds a strong position in the Nordic countries, but do we have the necessary tools and perspectives to understand, interpret and grasp the lives of modern-day youth? The NYRIS conference welcomes a dialogue about young people’s lives today and the past, present, and future of Nordic youth research.



Call for abstracts is now open!


The Conference is organized by the Department of Youth Research at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and hosted by Oslo Metropolitan University – OsloMet.


For more information, see: https://uni.oslomet.no/nyris21/


Welcome to Oslo in 2022!