Knowledge-making practices under scrutiny: Creolizing theory and method in social sciences

Doktorgradsstudenter inviteres til «for-konferanse» til NSA 2016 om globale utfordringer for sosiologien.

The 28th NSA Conference focuses on the theme Knowledge-Making Practices and Sociology’s Global Challenge. The conference has a dazzling group of keynote speakers: Professors Raewyn Connell, Giampietro Gobo and Gurminder K. Bhambra. These leading scholars have all addressed vital concerns for how to keep sociology relevant in a globalizing world pestered by poverty, inequalities, violent oppositions and deep con-flicts with roots in historic injustices. Their shared ambition is to consider how sociologists can study the world in ways that do not duplicate the prejudices that sustain its inequalities. The Pre-Conference invites Nordic Ph.D. students interested in tackling this challenge to enter in dialogue with them. Regardless of their field of research, the junior scholars of today will be called for by their diverse publics to address the global issues and their local Expressions.


Applications deadline: 15 May


The papers presented will not be the usual summary of one’s own work but a critical discussion on how one of the authors’ work relates to one’s own research. As a pre-assignment participants will read selected texts by the guest teachers Connell, Gobo and Bhambra. Each participant will write a short (3-5 page) reflection paper on the texts’ relevance to one’s own research. We wish to establish a spirit of free discussion, so do see your paper as a thinking piece, work-in-progress, rather than a very polished text.

In addition to attending to paper sessions with the keynote speakers, participants can attend a publishing workshop hosted by SAGE Publications. The social program also supports network building, which will help especially those attending the whole conference to have a rewarding experience.

This event is a collaboration between the NSA, the Westermarck Society, Åbo Akademi University and Uni-versity of Helsinki. It is sponsored by the International Sociological Association (ISA) and UniPID (Finnish Uni-versity Partnership for International Development).