Grimen-forelesningen 2020

Årets gjesteforeleser er Professor Nadia Urbinati ved Columbia University. Grimen-forelesningen 2020 vil bli avholdt digitalt på zoom.

Tid: 13.11.20, kl. 10-12
Sted: Zoom
Arrangør: Senter for Profesjonsstudier, SPS


Professor Nadia Urbinati, Columbia University: Populism: A Challenge from Within Democracy

Professor Urbinati vil forelese med utgangspunkt i sin nye bok Me the People: How Populism Transforms Democracy, (Harvard University Press 2019).

Blant hennes tidligere bøker kan nevnes; Democracy Disfigured: Opinion, Truth and the People (Harvard University Press, 2014); Representative Democracy: Principles and Genealogy (University of Chicago Press, 2006), and of Mill on Democracy: From the Athenian Polis to Representative Government (University of Chicago Press, 2002).

Professor Nadia Urbinati sier om forelesningen (på engelsk): «When Donald Trump gave his presidential inaugural address inJanuary 2017, he declared he was bringing people back into power. Indeed, although previous presidents had been legitimately elected they did not represent the people’s majority but the establishment’s view on the people.  What makes an elected leader more legitimate given that majority rule rests on vote counting?  The lecture will try to give an answer to this question and to examine populism as a new kind of representative government that grows within, and challenges constitutional democracy. It will focus on 21st century populism and argue that populist democracy can be seen as the form that representative democracy takes in the age of the empire of the audience, in which horizontal networks of communication among citizens and transient movements shatter political parties and make politics a terrain of conquest by personalistic leaders, whose representative claim relies on their daily and direct communication with the people.  Populist leaders embody the people they construct and give birth to a political system that relies upon what I would call with an oxymoron “direct representation».


Om Grimen-forelesningen

Professor Harald Grimen døde i februar 2011 som følge av en feil under en hjerteoperasjon. Med ham mistet norsk filosofi og samfunnsvitenskap en fremragende forsker og lærer. For å hedre Haralds minne vil det bli arrangert en årlig forelesning. Minneforelesningene skal speile Haralds brede interessefelt og gis av fremragende forskere.

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