The Challenge of a Global Sociological Imagination

Konferanse i Helsinki som søker å bruke C.W. Mills begrep om sosiologisk kreativitet til å se ut over de nasjonale grensene. Konferansen arrangeres av European Sociological Assosciation.

Following the success of the workshops organised by Research Network (RN) 15 at the European Sociological Association’s (ESA) 13th Conference in Athens which took place between August 29thand September 1st, 2017, plans are now underway for our mid-term conference. At the board meeting of our RN board in Athens, Helsinki was selected as the location for this conference and we are currently working with the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN) at the University of Helsinki’s Swedish School of Social Science (SOCKOM) to organised a successful mid-term conference from April 19th to April 20th, 2018.

Drawing on C. Wright Mills’ (1959) notion of the sociological imagination, this conference seeks to advance our disciplinary gaze beyond that of the nation/state/society to envision a sociology attuned to the global. As such, we aim to bring together researchers studying global phenomena (from the synchronisation of national policies to the global trade in wine), transnational practices and relations (from remittances to parenting to political action), and emergent cosmopolitan identities or communities. Underscoring these themes is a commitment to the study of the human world as a single place – a worldwide community – a global tribe of Moderns (Alasuutari 2016).

If you would like to take part in such an undertaking, click here for more information on the theme of our 2018 conference.