Anthony Giddens: Whats next? Covid-19 and the future world order

Welcome to an informal webinar discussion with Sir Anthony Giddens on the combined challenges of digitalization, robotization and Covid-19.

Time: 17. September, 2020. 2 PM – 3.15 PM.
Place: Zoom. Click here to register

In this webinar, Sir Anthony Giddens – the Arne Næss Professor at SUM in 2020-21 – will talk about the ways in which the combined challenges of digitalization, robotization and Covid-19 will influence political, economic and cultural landscape of modernity.

According to Giddens, the world’s foremost expert on the studies of modernity, the Covid-19 pandemic is not just a re-run of previous epidemics. Giddens insists that we are living through what he calls the world’s first «digidemic»: a reflection of the digital age which is radically transforming global health, politics, culture, and work-life.

This informal webinar is an preamble to the Arne Næss Symposium with Giddens in 2021.

The format of the webinar will be simple and informal, including three components:

Nina Witoszek, brief introduction
Sir Giddens’ talk
Questions from listeners
Due to a potentially sizable audience, the discussion will be based on the listeners sending their questions via the chat function in Zoom.