Angela Saini: The Return of Race Science

Angela Saini besøker UiOs «The Science Studies Colloqium Series» for å holde en gjesteforelesning om raseforskningens tilbakevendelse.

Tid: Onsdag 16. september, kl. 14:15 – 15.30

Sted:  Zoom: 8270614124

Inngang:  Åpent for alle på Zoom


Intro til eventet (kun tilgjengelig på engelsk):

As ethnic nationalism, the far-right and white supremacy sees a rise across the world, race science is experiencing a revival, fuelled by the abuse of data and facts by politically-motivated groups. The story of who humans are and how we evolved is being rewritten to suit their agendas. Even well-intentioned scientists, through their unconscious use of old-fashioned categories, betray some suspicion that race has some basis in biology. In truth, it is no more real than it was hundreds of years ago, when racial categories were invented and hardened by those in power.

In Superior, award-winning author Angela Saini explores the concept of race, from its origins to the present day, explores why we find it so hard to let go of the notion that race is biologically real, and the political consequences of this dangerous idea.


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